Smart Watches vs. Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches are also called traditional watches. Mechanical watches have been in the market for a very long time. They are now not regarded so highly as they did a few years back. Most people find them to be “old-fashioned.” However, some people stiffly hold onto loving these pieces. 

The mechanical watches are slowly fading away because of technology and the coming of smart watches. Digital watches look more elegant and perform more functions in comparison to mechanical ones.

The two watches vary in their way. In the same way, they differ. Some people prefer mechanical over digital, and vice versa.  Simon Cowell, one of our customers, says that it is possible to love both watches and wear them alternatively. He says that they both have different benefits and are helpful.

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What makes these two watches Different?

Smartwatches and mechanical watches are so different. The only similarity between these two watches is a simple fact that they can both tell time. What makes the big difference is technology. A digital clock is so modern in comparison to the mechanical one. Even so, both have their share of benefits. For example:

 Benefits of the smartwatch

  • They tell time
  • Can help you find your phone
  • Perfect fitness tracker
  • You can receive calls instantly and reply to messages
  • Some have games. It is like having entertainment on your wrist
  • Get a notification on your social media

Benefits of a mechanical watch

  • It has a functional watch that tells time precisely
  • It does not require batteries because it generates power on its own. Self-winding watches generate power from motion
  • It is an acknowledgment of booth good crafting and technology. It combines both.
  • Many people have opened for the smartwatch, wearing it, therefore, gives one a unique style
  • Durable enough to pass from generation to generation. High durability and survival features

The Difference:


While Smartwatches are not durable, mechanical watches can survive anything, including a fire. Smartwatches battery has an imperfect life, and one has to keep charging it. On the other hand, some mechanical watches self-charge while others their battery replaced. Even so, their battery takes longer before it dies.

Durability for both watches is determined by how cheap you go. The cheaper the watch, the less durable it is.


The mechanical watches gain high value over time and these mechanical watches are surprisingly expensive compared to digital clocks. Digital watches are cheaper than mechanical watches. Check prices here.


Mechanical watches are simple, elegant, and stylish. Smartwatches are not as grand as those analog watches.


Mechanical watches are watches that tell time. Smartwatches have advanced features that vary from telling time to being a wrist phone and a fitness tracker.

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